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Family Resources: Health and Safety

Health and Safety have many different meanings. It can mean being physically active, eating properly, ensuring the safety of you and your family, and more.

We strive to ensure that our families have the most up-to-date, and accurate information to ensure they are raising happy, healthy children. On this page you will find some links to a number of different resources to help your family. We have links to information on immunizations, eating healthy, being active, Car seat safety, Bike safety, and much more.

Health / Nutrition:

Healthy Parents Healthy Children:
Alberta Health Services has a new website for reliable information about how children grow, learn and be healthy in the early years. Scroll down to the bottom of the site to look for popular topics: developmental milestones, Overview of parenting and healthy growing families, Check out the PDF for "The early years" and "Pregnancy and Birth".
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Health Canada:
Safe food and good nutrition are important to Canadians. Maintaining the safety of Canada's food supply is a shared responsibility among government, industry and consumers. Eating a nutritious and balanced diet is one of the best ways to protect and promote good health.
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The Womans Health Centre:
Offers help for women to live happy and healthy lives through a variety of services.
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Caring for Kids:
Caring for Kids provides parents with information about their child's and teen's health and well-being. The site is developed by the Canadian Paediatric Society - the voice of more than 3,000 Canadian paediatricians.
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Healthy U:
The Healthy U (Healthy Alberta) website offers tips on how to stay active and healthy.
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Growing Up Healthy:
Alberta Health Services site that link parents with a variety of resources on a variety of topics.
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Alberta Heath Services Injury Prevention:
Accidents Happen, on this website you will find ideas on how to prevent injuries and promote safety for you family.
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Parachute Canada:
Parachute is a charity helping Canadians stop the clock on predictable and preventable injuries. (Safe Kids Canada)
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Safe Roads Alberta:
Information on traffic and road safety.
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Transport Canada:
More information on vehicle and car seat safety, as well as general information about other safety tips for the roads.
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Seat For Kids:
A non-profit organization located in Ottawa dedicated to increasing the appropriate and correct use of child restraint systems of children in our community.
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